Weather And Seasons

Weather is what we see and feel outside every day. It can be sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy. The weather is always changing, and sometimes it can be different in different places. The seasons have an effect on the weather. There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season has different weather. In […]

What Is Climate?

Climate is the pattern of weather that a place experiences over a long period of time, usually 30 years or more. This pattern includes average temperatures, rainfall, and wind patterns. Weather, on the other hand, is the short-term condition of the atmosphere in a specific place at a specific time. It includes things like today’s […]

Engineers Have To Account For The Weather

Climate is the long-term pattern of weather that a place experiences over a period of time, usually 30 years or more. This includes things like average temperature, rainfall, and wind patterns. Engineers are people who design and build things like homes, bridges, and other structures. They have to take into consideration the climate of an […]

Snowflake Formation

Snowflakes are delicate and intricate crystals of ice that form in the Earth’s atmosphere. These beautiful snowflakes are a type of precipitation, which means that they form from water vapor that condenses and freezes in the air. The process of snowflake formation begins when water vapor in the air cools and condenses into tiny water […]

What Causes Tides?

Everything in the Universe has gravity, including you! Gravity attracts objects toward each other. The larger an object is, the more gravity it has. For example, a star, like the Sun has significantly more gravity than an asteroid. Like all fields, including magnetism, static electricity, and yes, gravity, the attractive force increases the closer you […]

El Niño & La Niña

Scientists are always learning more about how the world works. Mankind has known about the effects of El Niño & La Niña for many centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that we began to understand what was actually occuring. El Niño was first noticed by fishermen who lived off the coast of Peru. These fishermen […]