The Rubik’s Cube (Speed Cube, Magic Cube) is quickly becoming a global phenomenon.  Invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974, the Rubik’s Cube is the most popular toy ever created.  Meaning that more of these little twisty puzzles have been sold than any other toy in history.  They enjoyed tremendous popularity in the early 1980’s, and have been the source of renewed interest in the last 15 years.  With cubing clubs and competitions cropping up worldwide.

You can join this… sport… hobby… pursuit… and become a speed cuber too!  There are many videos and tutorials available online to help you!  Most of which very good.  Mr. Bertoch (Your Handsome Science Teacher) has produced a course to give you all the skills you need to become a speed cuber.

What makes this speed cubing course different than any other?

Many of the very excellent tutorials available rush through the instruction.  Which is often a great way to present new information.  However, it can be a little confusing to someone who is just beginning.  Mr. Bertoch slows down, and walks you through learning to solve a cube, step by step.  Giving you helpful advice and tips along the way.  Mr. Bertoch’s classes are full of tricks and tips to help you remember each step.

Start With The Basics And Move On To Advanced (CFOP) Solving

Mr. Bertoch’s course begins with the assumption that you have never solved a cube before.  He walks you through learning to solve the cube using beginner’s method.  He then teaches you a more advanced way to solve (CFOP 4LLL) and finally guides you to expert level (CFOP 2LLL).  By going through the lessons in order, you will advance very quickly, and at your own pace, from a beginner, until you are ready to compete as a Speed Solver.

Mr. Bertoch Is A Fun And Gifted Teacher

Mr. Bertoch is an expert at creating courses that make sense.  He has a gift for teaching difficult concepts to new learners.  He is able to see the subject from the perspective of the learner, in order to identify where they might struggle, and to then organize his teaching in a way that makes challenging topics easier to grasp.

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