Error Report

Thank you for helping me spot and correct errors. Because here’s the dealio…
This project is MASSIVE! Massively massive! includes:

  • Over 800 Textbook Pages, Totalling over 150,000 words
  • Hundreds of Online Articles Totalling Nearly 200,000 words
  • Hundreds of quizzes
  • Hundreds of videos

All of this was completed by Mr. Bertoch in a single one-year period. It takes teams of dozens of people years to produce a project of this size! For one person to do it in a single year is pretty incredible! But then, I am a homeschool dad, and you know how that goes. We homeschool families are able to out-produce others. It goes with the territory.

However, mistakes were definitely made. Not in the concepts or the pedagogy. Those are solid. But there are mistakes here and there in the grammar, spelling, and an occasional copy-and-paste error. A commercial product goes through teams of editors, proof-readers, and so forth before launch.

I did the best I could to spot all the errors, but every time I went through the books and articles I still found more. In the end, I decided to crowd-source the error spotting.

Post errors here when you spot them, and I will get them fixed!