Mr. Bertoch Loves Teaching!

Let’s start with that, because I think it is the most important point.  I enjoy teaching kids science.  I have been passionate about science my entire life, and I believe that I have a gift for working with students.  My classes have always been fun, engaging, and targeted.

What Are My Qualifications?

Mr. Bertoch with my granddaughter.

I have three degrees.  A Bachelors in Earth Science, which covers geology, oceanography, atmospheric science, and astronomy.  I have a Masters in Biology, and another Masters in Instructional Design.

I spent the first 18 years of my career working as an international leader in education.  Helping to write many of the standards that are used by school systems all over the world.

I founded an educational company that at one point was the largest (by traffic) online education company in the world.  Which I sold so that I could become a middle school teacher.

I know the standards, the science, and the industry inside and out.

More importantly, I Like To Teach

Mr. Bertoch’s Halloween Costume. A Princess, Ballerina, Unicorn.

Let’s end where I started.  I am someone who took a 95% pay cut, and left an incredibly influential position so that I could seek out a quiet place in my own classroom.  I gave up a job that most would consider to be the height of success so that I could work with students.

I like teaching!  Yes, I have the degrees and the experience, but more important than all of this, is the fact that I am very good at inspiring my students!