Mr. Bertoch teaches science using Mastery Badges instead of grades.  This is a much more meaningful way of instruction, that ensures students learn while avoiding the nonsensical notion that it is possible to fail to learn

What Is A Mastery Badge?

Complete Kindergarten Science Curriculum 

This list includes the 16 packets pre-selected for kindergarten students. Each packet includes everything you need and should take you about two weeks to complete.

Grade LevelMastery BadgeContent TaughtFREE Packet
Kinder1The weather changes each dayLaunching March, 2023
Kinder2How people respond to weatherLaunching March, 2023
Kinder3How sunlight affects the temperatureLaunching March, 2023
Kinder4Making ShadeLaunching March, 2023  
Kinder5We get our energy from foodLaunching March, 2023  
Kinder6Eating Healthy Is ImportantLaunching March, 2023
Kinder7Our Bodies Can Heal ThemselvesLaunching March, 2023
Kinder8Bones And MusclesLaunching March, 2023
Kinder9Why Do We Have Skin?Launching March, 2023
Kinder10We Use Our Brains To ThinkLaunching March, 2023
Kinder11Our Bodies Need Excercise Launching March, 2023
Kinder12Our Bodies Need To Be Kept CleanLaunching March, 2023
Kinder13You Can’t Change Your Species Launching March, 2023
Kinder14What Is Real, and What Is PretendLaunching March, 2023
Kinder15Pushing And Pulling ObjectsLaunching March, 2023
Kinder16What Happens When Forces Are Unbalanced?Launching March, 2023