Mr. Bertoch teaches science using Mastery Badges instead of grades.  This is a much more meaningful way of instruction, that ensures students learn while avoiding the nonsensical notion that it is possible to fail to learn

What Is A Mastery Badge?

Complete Fifth Grade Science Curriculum 

This list includes the 16 packets pre-selected for fifth-grade students. Each packet includes everything you need and should take you about two weeks to complete.

Grade LevelMastery BadgeContent TaughtFREE Packet
5th1Formation of The Earth Download
5th2Minerals, Gems, Rocks Download
5th3The Rock Cycle  Download
5th4Pressure And Weather  Download
5th5Coriolis Effect  Download
5th6Gyres / Atmospheric and oceanic currents  Download
5th7Sea Breezes, Land Breezes, Monsoons  Download
5th8Specific Heat Capacity Download
5th9Factors Influencing Climates Download
5th11El Niño & La Niña Download
5th12Our SunDownload
5th13The PlanetsDownload
5th15Molecules & IonsDownload
5th16Mixtures – A STEM Lab Download