Mr. Bertoch teaches science using Mastery Badges instead of grades.  This is a much more meaningful way of instruction, that ensures students learn while avoiding the nonsensical notion that it is possible to fail to learn

What Is A Mastery Badge?

Complete Third Grade Science Curriculum 

This list includes the 16 packets pre-selected for third-grade students. Each packet includes everything you need and should take you about two weeks to complete.

Launch of Third Grade Content Currently In Progress Check Back Each Day For Updates And New Curriculum.

Grade LevelMastery BadgeContent TaughtFREE Packet
3rd1Understanding The WeatherDownload
3rd2Designing Solutions To Protect Against The WeatherDownload
3rd3Understanding ClimateDownload
3rd4Designing Solutions To Meet The Needs of A ClimateDownload
3rd5Each Part of My Body Does An Important JobDownload
3rd6My Body is Made up of CellsDownload
3rd7Cells Combine To Form Organs And Organ SystemsDownload
3rd8Life Cycles of Living Things (Birth, Growth, Reproduction, Death)Download
3rd9Inherited Traits And Acquired TraitsDownload
3rd10Vertabrates & InvertabratesDownload
3rd11Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, MammalsDownload
3rd12Most animals, including humans have two gendersDownload
3rd13Exploring Heat & TemperatureDownload
3rd14Everything Is Made Out of MatterDownload
3rd15The Relationship Between Weight & MatterDownload
3rd16Balanced & Unbalanced ForcesDownload