Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

Have you ever pushed a heavy object like a couch or a refrigerator? To get the fridge to move you must apply enough force to overcome the tug of gravity that is pulling it toward the floor. This is because the forces on the object are in balance. When forces on an object are in […]

Gravity, Matter, & Weight

Have you ever stood on a scale to see how much you weigh? Weight is a measure of how heavy something is. It is affected by the Earth or any other planet that pulls on objects due to their gravity. The more matter an object has, the stronger gravity will pull on it, and as […]

Everything In The Universe Is Made of Matter

Have you ever stopped to think about what everything in the universe is made of? Well, everything in the universe is made of something called matter. Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. That means everything you can touch and see, like your toys, books, and even the air you breathe, is […]

How Heat Affects Substances

Have you ever touched a hot pan on the stove or felt the warmth of the sun on your face? These are examples of heat. Heat is a type of energy that makes things feel warm or hot. Heat travels from objects or substances that are hot to objects or substances that are cold. Heat […]

Animals Generally Come In Two Genders

Did you know that most animals have two different types of individuals – male and female? These two different types of animals are called genders. Gender is an important part of who animals are and how they behave. Male and female animals are different in many ways. For example, male birds are often more colorful […]

They Phylum Chordata

The Phylum Chordata is a group of animals that have a backbone or a notochord. This means they have a long, flexible rod-like structure running the length of their body that provides support and helps protect their spinal cord. Another word for chordates is vertebrates. Chordates can be found in many different shapes and sizes, […]

Vertebrates & Invertebrates

Vertebrates and Invertebrates are two types of animals. They are different from each other in many ways. Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone or spinal column. This helps to protect their delicate spinal cord and provides support for their bodies. Vertebrates are divided into five groups: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Fish are […]

Acquired & Inherited Traits

Traits are special qualities or characteristics that make us who we are. There are two types of traits: acquired traits and inherited traits. Inherited traits are traits that are passed down from our parents to us. These traits are determined by our genes, which are like tiny instructions inside our cells. Our genes tell our […]

The Stages of Life

All living things go through stages in their life. It’s like a big adventure, but it happens over a long time. Every living thing starts from birth, grows, reproduces, and then dies. It’s a cycle that happens to everything from tiny insects to big animals like elephants. Let’s explore the stages of life a little […]